CRON and time

Michael Schaap
Thu Jun 28 04:53:00 GMT 2001

At 13:04 28-6-2001, Trikkaliotis Niklos wrote:

>Yes the problems from cron is resolved !!!
>Take the next patch !!!
>Compile the sources, copy the exes in the correct place and run cron as
>service !!!
>All work fine :-))))

Well, It's up to Corinna, of course, but I would be surprised if this patch 
is accepted.
A few comments:

>< #define       CRON_TAB(u)     "%s/%s", SPOOL_DIR, u
> > #define       CRON_TAB(u)     "%s/%s/%s", CRONDIR, SPOOL_DIR, u

This should be totally unnecessary.  In every place this is used, the cwd 
In any case, if it would be useful, you should put this change within an 
"#ifdef __CYGWIN__".

><       if (fchmod(fileno(tmp), 0600) < OK)
> >       if (fchmod(fileno(tmp), 0644) < OK)

Also here, this shouldn't be necessary.  The SYSTEM user (which cron should 
be running under) has access to all files.
Also here, in any case, it should be within an "#ifdef __CYGWIN__".

><               if (setuid(e->uid) < 0)         /* we aren't root after
>this... */
> >               if (setuid(ROOT_UID) < 0)               /* we aren't root
>after this... */

This is plain wrong.  The whole point of the setuid is to run as the user 
owning the crontab file.  Instead, you setuid to SYSTEM, which should 
already be the real uid running cron.

Just my € 0.02,

  - Michael

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