gdb readable core dumps?

egor duda
Thu Jun 28 04:47:00 GMT 2001


Thursday, 28 June, 2001 wrote:

DCcei> Is it possible to have crashing processes produce a core dump
DCcei> which can then be read by gdb?

yes. cygwin includes special utility called dumper.exe which can be
used to create core dumps. run it with

'dumper <pid>'

and it'll create file named '.core' containing core dump of process
with pid '<pid>'. resulting dump can be inspected with gdb.

you can also make cygwin to start it automatically in case of fatal
error in application. add


to your CYGWIN environment variable. 'error_start option turns on
cygwin's JIT debugging facility and allows running any program (dumper
or gdb) in case of crash in application.

in case of problems you can also search mailing list archives. they
contains several threads regarding core dump support in cygwin.

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