Fergus Daly
Wed Jun 27 21:23:00 GMT 2001

Dear Christopher Fraylor,

Thanks for a great implementation.

1. My favoured mirror is, but presumably it mimics
others precisely. Is there a reason why opengl-1.2.1-1 is in
/cygwin/contrib/ rather than /cygwin/contrib/opengl/? My current installed
version is opengl-1.1.0-5 and in the location described I seem unable to
upgrade it (using setup-2.57:  maybe I'm not meant to be able to?)

2. There have been at various times two different versions if
sh-utils-2.0-2.  One is size 1356052 and the next (later, I think) is
456237. A lot smaller.  How does CygWin know which version to install?

3. At various times ncurses seems to have been located in both
cygwin/latest/ and cygwin/contrib/. I am not certain which is the more
recent, or which setup-2.57 looks for ...

4. Similarly zlib, both in /latest/ and /contrib/. In this case I think
the versions are identical so it probably does not matter which is sought
and collected by setup-2.57, but which is it?

Thanks again for a great system. The following point (5) will probably
just exhibit my ignorance, but I'll try it all the same:

I downloaded nano-1.0.2 ( and tried

make install

but got failures at the "make" stage. Pity, because I quite like nano.
Could I just take nano.exe from the win32 implementation (which works
really nicely), put it in /cygwin/bin/ and just use that?


Fergus Daly

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