Patch for zip to deal with dos paths

Fred T. Hamster
Wed Jun 27 21:08:00 GMT 2001

Michael Schaap wrote:

    For what it's worth.  Here's a patch to zip that fixes the behaviour
    with regard to dos path names.  It deals with two issues:  -
    backslashes are converted to slashes,
     - drive names are stripped when converting an absolute to relative

  you are my personal hero.
  i would love to test out your patch...  i get the digest form of 
cygwin though, so if there was an attachment, it got chopped.  would you 
mind sending me a copy?
  i appreciate this effort you have taken immensely...  i stand by my 
offer to look at glob() though (pending the escape of the latest release 
at the office); perhaps the approach from the patch can be easily 
reused, so this makes me double happy.

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