Deadly embrace between pthread_cond_wait and pthread_cond_signal

Greg Smith
Wed Jun 27 18:56:00 GMT 2001

Well, I'm certainly not in a position to disagree (yet:-), but
our app has run just fine with Pthreads-win32 since last
Dec or Nov or so.  In fact, with our `Pthreads-win32 kluge' in
place, it runs just fine on Cygwin with today's patches!!
(See ).

Any bets on I can't find the problem ;-)

I didn't ask to find Cygwin, I got there by serendipity.

We were quite happy running our app on linux and then some
enterprising souls figured out how to run it on Windows using
Cygwin and the Pthreads-win32 package.  As I told Rob last night
(which was today for him, but now he's in tomorrow;-), this
effectively doubled the participation for our app... (IOW you
have a great thing going on here), but this has added a whole
new dimension in that we have to get Cygwin to work with our app
(we can't stand whiny users ;-)

Since I have to run Windoze at work tho, I am thankful for being
turned on to Cygwin, and can't live w/o it.


Christopher Faylor wrote:

> >Seems we do a lotta SIGHUPs to break a listening thread out of his
> >reverie, but sometimes the wrong thead (which has done a recv() on a
> >socket) gets woken up instead, and is not particularly happy with the
> >EINTR error code.
> Unless Robert has performed some magic that I'm not aware of, there is
> currently no way to interrupt anything but the main thread in cygwin.
> This has been on my tuit list for a long time but it will require a
> lot of rework of the signal code.

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