building cygwin with python script

Norman Vine
Wed Jun 27 18:24:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor writes:
>I guess it can't hurt to make the python script available but I want
>to be 100% certain that someone is willing to maintain it because you
>KNOW that we'll start getting bug reports and "would be nice" reports
>for it.
>So, I would prefer that the cygwin FAQ contain rebuild 
>instructions with
>maybe a link to the python script as a "use at your own risk".

I will try to keep the python script at its current location but
in general anything on my website is only transitory at best.

I am delighted if it helps anybody.

However it is very long winded and IMHO not the best
example of how this could be done or of Python use for 
that matter. 

I really have little interest in 'officially' maintaining it and
if it is used IMO should definitely have "use at yout own risk" 
stamped all over it.

If someone else wants to give the script a home and maintain it,  
please feel free to do so,  but as I said in my original post 
"I am sure there are better ways to do this"

I originally wrote this just as an exercise in seeing how
to go about doing this kind of thing not ever intending
for it to be 'exposed' to public scrutiny but then when it 
seemed as if I might be able to help put and end to a VERY
LONG thread by proffering a 'cookbook' method to building
the cygwin dll  .............



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