building cygwin with python script

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jun 27 17:38:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 05:59:47PM -0500, Jason Dufair wrote:
>This is brilliant.  Nice cookbook.  Worked out of the box.  Exactly
>what is needed, IMO.  The calculated timings at the end are schweet.
>I'd like to suggest to the FAQ maintainer that this replace the section
>in the FAQ on "How do I build on NT?".  FAQ maintainer?  If it's OK,
>I'll do the changes.  I'd need CVS access since I assume anoncvs can't
>commit changes.  Maybe we can put the Python script on the
> site somewhere?

Ok.  I don't mean to shoot you down but I think that the FAQ should
really concentrate on how things are done.  So, it should focus on the
steps involved in building cygwin.

I would rather that people were familiar with what they were doing
rather than blindly relying on a python script.

I guess it can't hurt to make the python script available but I want
to be 100% certain that someone is willing to maintain it because you
KNOW that we'll start getting bug reports and "would be nice" reports
for it.

So, I would prefer that the cygwin FAQ contain rebuild instructions with
maybe a link to the python script as a "use at your own risk".


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