"shouted down", "shot down", apologies

Brian Keener bkeener@thesoftwaresource.com
Wed Jun 27 17:32:00 GMT 2001

John Wiersba wrote:
> As Brian Keener implied in his email, I don't really want to spend a huge
> amount of time just getting setup to successfully build the source, before I
> can even start to contribute.  I routinely build perl and quite a few GNU
> packages on AIX, SunOS, HP/UX and linux, but all of them build relatively
> cleanly out-of-the-box with only minor tweaking.

I think part of this is as Chris stated - maybe I over mystified some of the 
problems I had/have and the step involved in being a contributor or maybe it 
was/is my total lack of C++ programming on any platform and cygwin knowledge 
before getting started.  As a total newcomer to C++ that found Cygwin very 
appealing and not having worked with anything using a make or a makefile since 
a little bit of C work - getting started on Cygwin was a challenge.  I guess I 
just bit off too much to start with - I was interested and I looked at the code 
and thought I could work with it and make some contributions - so I did, but 
coming from nothing it was tough and in some case I do but I still do not 
understand.  At any rate - from what it sounds like your knowledge level is - 
you will have no problems.  

Also as Chris pointed out in his response to me - once it is configured 
properly then there is really no need for the gyrations and the reconfiguring I 
seem to go through and as well as we all say - being on Win95 for me does not 
help.  I don't think I am there yet as far as setup properly but I do get 
closer all the time.  

> Version of cygwin:  
>    1) Download all source for all cygwin packages using setup.exe
>    2) Install all source
>    3) Run some master script to loop through all the source packages and
> build them binary-image packages
>    4) Install the binary-image packages into a test directory
>    5) Exit all cygwin processes
>    6) Run a version of cygwin.bat which points to the test directory to test
> it out.
You really need a step (.5) here - in order to build the cygwin and the other 
sources you have to have installed the binaries for cygwin and some of the 
other packages first.  This is probably understood but I thought I would point 
it out.


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