Patch for zip to deal with dos paths

Charles S. Wilson
Wed Jun 27 16:25:00 GMT 2001

I will take a look after I get back -- I'm leaving town for a few days 
starting tonight.

zip/unzip maintainer

Michael Schaap wrote:

> Hi all,
> For what it's worth.  Here's a patch to zip that fixes the behaviour 
> with regard to dos path names.  It deals with two issues:
>  - backslashes are converted to slashes,
>  - drive names are stripped when converting an absolute to relative path.
> The behaviour of cygwin zip with this patch is the same as the native 
> win32 version.  In fact, the code added to unix/unix.c essentially comes 
> from win32/win32zip.c (slightly simplified).
> Of course, this breaks the feature of using NTFS streams with a single 
> character file name.  ;-)
> Take it or leave it,
>  - Michael

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