"shouted down", "shot down", apologies

Brian Keener bkeener@thesoftwaresource.com
Wed Jun 27 16:19:00 GMT 2001

John Wiersba wrote:
> So, is the "download source" option for setup.exe useful for anything?  

Without a doubt - that is the source code for the packaged version you 

> Can
> you rebuild (all of) cygwin from it?  What I mean is:  there are these 80+
> packages available with setup.exe.  If I download the source for all of
> them, install the source somewhere, run some build process against it, will
> I end up with a working cygwin which is functionally equivalent to the
> binary packages I downloaded using setup.exe?
With my limited knowledge - I would say the answer is yes.  With the 
appropriate Configure command and make commands you would end up with the same 
thing you would get from setup if you downloaded the binary packages.  This 
would be the current packaged software for whatever version(s) you selected.  

If you wanted changes that might not be in these packages then you would need 
to go to cvs to get the more recent changes that may not have been packaged 
yet.  And if you wanted even more recent changes you would want to get a 
snapshot.  Or at least that's my interpretation.

I only work with the cvs and have never downloaded a source tarball or any 
snapshots - dunna know how.  I believe (through the help of others) I actually 
have a script that does accomplish for me updating from cvs to my copy of the 
source and also a second script(s) which accomplish a make clean, configuring, 
building and one that makes an install directory. I have never actually used 
the install directory to override my cygwin and the like but I do occasionally 
run it just to see them in the install directory.

As I said - what I have is for the way I work with the cvs - if you would like 
a copy let me know.  I have never tried using just the source tarballs.  My 
disk, drive probably wouldn't be big enough.


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