Cygwin: Open or Closed System? (was: two problems with cygwin's zip)

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jun 27 10:19:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 12:18:53PM -0400, Ken Collins wrote:
>> > Or, if you are going to wait until later in the summer before you
>> > actually look into anything, then that's fine.  Let's just stop arguing
>> > about semantics.  I will trump you every time.  I can do that.  I'm
>> > a closed system.
>>   semantics is meaning.  meaning is important.
>>   i personally don't believe that might makes right...  in a truly 
>> collaborative project, there is no single voice that can shout all the 
>> others down.  i don't want to say that's what you're doing, although it 
>> did feel somewhat that way to me at times.  but this could easily be my 
>> misconstruing of the real spirit behind the words.
>This is the new trend in Open Source "collaborative" projects, in the grand
>style of AOL/Netscape and Apple. They own the copyright, they own the list,
>they own the project, they own the product, and they're not shy about
>reminding you of that. Just because you can contribute source doesn't mean
>you can contribute ideas.
>Chris, you're making me regret that I paid for my copy of 7.1 instead of
>dl'ing the ISO.

I apologize again for my poor choice of words.


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