Cygwin: Open or Closed System? (was: two problems with cygwin's zip)

Ken Collins
Wed Jun 27 09:18:00 GMT 2001

> > Or, if you are going to wait until later in the summer before you
> > actually look into anything, then that's fine.  Let's just stop arguing
> > about semantics.  I will trump you every time.  I can do that.  I'm
> > a closed system.
>   semantics is meaning.  meaning is important.
>   i personally don't believe that might makes right...  in a truly 
> collaborative project, there is no single voice that can shout all the 
> others down.  i don't want to say that's what you're doing, although it 
> did feel somewhat that way to me at times.  but this could easily be my 
> misconstruing of the real spirit behind the words.

This is the new trend in Open Source "collaborative" projects, in the grand
style of AOL/Netscape and Apple. They own the copyright, they own the list,
they own the project, they own the product, and they're not shy about
reminding you of that. Just because you can contribute source doesn't mean
you can contribute ideas.

Chris, you're making me regret that I paid for my copy of 7.1 instead of
dl'ing the ISO.

Ken Collins

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