perl 5.6.1 != 5.6.1-TRIAL1

Charles S. Wilson
Wed Jun 27 08:22:00 GMT 2001

B. K. Oxley (binkley) wrote:

> Why does Cygwin still distribute Perl 5.6.1-TRIAL1 instead of the
> released 5.6.1 (possibly with Cygwin-specific patches)?  This is
> annoying.  For example, Math::BigInt got updated between TRIAL1 and the
> release, and this is causing dependency problems with Math::* modules.

Because the maintainer has been busy.  I'm not sure which of the four 
life changes was responsible: fatherhood, graduation, new job, or moving 
-- since all four occurred within the last few months.  Anyway, for some 
reason the poor guy has been swamped. :-)

He's back now, though, so I suspect things will pick up soon.  I know 
that one of the problems Eric was looking at involved the various 
DOS-vs.-UNIX line ending problems that cropped up again with -TRIAL1. 
We had 'em licked in the development releases leading up to 5.6.0, but 
then they reappeared...Eric was hunting those bugs down, last I heard.

> If it's simply a matter of nobody's done the work, I'll volunteer.  I'll
> need instructions on how to make a distribution tarball.

I'm sure Eric would appreciate help -- contact him directly (Look in the 
perl cygwin README for contact info.


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