CRON and time

Ehud Karni
Wed Jun 27 03:56:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001 14:14:27 +0400, Andrej Borsenkow <> wrote:
> While it is better than nothing - I believe, proper implementation in Cygwin
> should take timezone information from Windows. Having two different places
> to configure local timezone is confusing.

Well, It depends. The Israeli time zone is not functioning properly in
M$ Windoze (they don't adjust to the yearly change in DST). I prefer my
Cygwin time to be correct even if the Windoze time is wrong.

> And is TZ format compatible between Unix and Windows?

The TZ env var (in it simplest form, as described by me) is fully
compatible with all UNIX system. The `zic' compiled file (localtime)
is compatible with Linux and some other UNICes (the file place and name
is VERY varied) but some systems (e.g. SGI IRIX) don't support it at
all (SGI has complex TZ format for this).

Note. The TZ is even used by some Windoze programs (I had a Netware NFS
      client that used it).


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