pthreads works, sorta

Robert Collins
Tue Jun 26 21:56:00 GMT 2001

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> From: Greg Smith [ ]
> Ummm, no   ;-)   Performance is now on pretty even keel with
> with the Pthread-win32  implementation.  This is where our
> `rogue' developer (`Fish') is claiming to reduce elapsed times
> 25% to match the elapsed times on linux.

Is your app cpu bound/sync or contention bound/ or io bound? (for that
25% ?)

Also other cygwin internals use VirtualQuery. I'm going to look into all
instances of VirtualQuery :]
As pthread-win32 is coded by some pretty clued up folk, (and we've met
their speed :} ) I wouldn't hold much hope of shaving more time off from
pthreads. CriticalSections may help. Profiling your app is probably
essential. (to understand where in cygwin/pthreads things need tuning).


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