Cygwin: Interoperability Is Important (was Cygwin: Open or Closed System, etc)

Robert Collins
Tue Jun 26 21:41:00 GMT 2001

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>     ooh, very spicy.  i suppose i deserve it (full posting 
> attached below).
>     however i am also interested in improving the cygwin project and 
> making things better for the world.
>     i think you might have missed that part of the conversation 
> (referenced in your posting) had drifted away from zip in specific to 
> cygwin path handling in general.  i believe that the examples 
> i provided 
> for 'ls' demonstrate that this issue is not limited to the zip port. 
>  and as far as what i can see from reading the manual (user guide), 
> handling ms dos pathnames is a design goal for cygwin.

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing about the design goal. I simply want to
make a very small but important point... "cygwin" that is the
cygwin1.dll has full support for ms dos or more accurately win32
pathnames. Call fstat(), or fopen() or ... and give it a ms dos
pathname. If there is a real file with that msdos pathname the call will
behave as you would expect it to. 

Finito. Done. No problems. Possibly minor tweaks needed for performance
or bugfixing.


> current directory on drive a.  i can't claim that with certainty now, 
> considering your mention of NTFS streams.  i've not encountered that 
> usage you're describing yet.  is that accessible in command prompts?

$ echo "c" > "foo"
$ echo "a" >  "foo:1" 
$ echo "b" > "foo:2"
now cat foo - it will still be "c". cat foo:1 and get "a".



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