pthread concurrent thread limit

Greg Smith
Tue Jun 26 19:18:00 GMT 2001

For what it's worth, we noticed the same thread limitation phenomenon
last December or January, but could never pin it on Cygwin and
therefore didn't notify the list.  The number of threads in our
application is rather dynamic, so we never tracked the limit down
to 52 threads, but that sounds about right.  We even engineered code
to get around this problem (by establishing a limited size thread pool
and queueing work to the pool if all threads were busy).

I just installed sp2 on w2k and the testsuite still fails.

"The number of threads a process can create is limited by the available
virtual memory. By default, every thread has one megabyte of stack space.
Therefore, you can create at most 2028 threads. If you reduce the default
stack size, you can create more threads."


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