Tab completion broken in latest Cygwin snapshots

Charles Wilson
Tue Jun 26 16:35:00 GMT 2001

"Gary R. Van Sickle" wrote:
> BASH tab completion hasn't worked on shell scripts in the snapshots since
> cygwin1.dll went from ~700KB to ~900kb (what was the major addition?).
> E.g., try to tab-complete the './configure' script of your favorite
> package - it doesn't work.  Exe's tab-complete fine.  cygcheck below.

bash is smart. If the tab-completion is for the first "word" on a line,
then bash assumes that you want an executable file -- so only those
files marked executable (according to ls -l) are candidates for
completion.  (.exe files are a special case and are always considered
executable).  Is your ./configure script marked +x ?

If the tab-completion is for anything other than the first "word" on a
line, then bash assumes you are looking for any file to be used as the
argument for the command specified by the first word.  Try this:

$ foo conf<TAB> 

and you should see

$ foo configure

regardless of whether configure is marked +x.


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