Install instructions for sshd /sshd1 /sshd

Charles Wilson
Tue Jun 26 16:31:00 GMT 2001

Clark Sims,, clarksims@home wrote:
> > I was going to comment on how old the book was -- but it was first
> > published in Jan 2001, and was reprinted in March 2001.  Sigh.  Their
> > information was out of date even when it was written.  I used to use
> >Sergey's port back in the B20 days -- but had to recompile it myself to
> > get it to work on cygwin-1.x. Also, it's ssh1 only; no ssh2
> > compatibility.
> Oh, I feel like I have been had. I waited months for that book to be
> published, I had no idea that this was a reprint.

I hope you're being sarcastic.  The "reprint" was two months after the
initial printing -- obviously they sold out the first printing and
ordered more.


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