Symbol link trouble ?

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Tue Jun 26 16:25:00 GMT 2001

At 06:27 PM 6/26/2001, John Wiersba wrote:
>Searching the archives for info on symlink weirdness, I found the following
>reference with the same subject as above:
> which contains
> > Secondary questions:
> >    are these cygwin links supposed to be Win95 compatible ?
> > Because the Windows file explorer does tell em
> > that these files are Shortcuts
> > but the destination file is empty if I Right klick on the file and select 
> > properties!
>This seems to indicate that this bug only happens on Win95, but I've seen
>this same behavior on WinNT.  The really weird thing is that some of my
>shortcuts have been OK and others are not (as described above).  I have a
>script which removes and recreates the symlinks I use to set up my
>environment, and at the moment all of them are OK.  But I probably could
>reproduce this if it would help.  Also, from Windows Explorer I believe I've
>seen that the OK symlinks are shown as folder shortcuts but the broken ones
>are shown as file shortcuts.  However, all of the symlinks (even the broken
>shortcut ones) worked under cygwin -- it was only under WinNT that I noticed
>any difference.  Also, I noticed that I couldn't fix the target path of the
>broken shortcut (via Properties) because it seemed to be locked by WinNT.

Yes, Corinna brought up this issue a while ago (maybe it was just on 
the developer's list - I don't recall).  As it turns out, short-cuts
that both Windows and Cygwin can use seem difficult to provide.  If
you're curious about the details, you might want to see if you can find
her discussion of the issue in the email archives.

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