Symlinks+cygdrive causes flashing taskbar ??

John Wiersba
Tue Jun 26 16:16:00 GMT 2001

How is it suggested that I proceed to find the cause of this?  I've tried
fiddling all the variables I can think of and I don't seem to be able to
shake it.  It's not always noticable, because the flashing isn't continuous
or else the painting is cached by Windows...

-- John Wiersba

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> Subject: Re: Symlinks+cygdrive causes flashing taskbar ??
> To answer your question: I can't duplicate this.  I only tried W2K and
> Windows 98.  I don't know precisely what you mean by "taskar flashes",
> however.  Do you mean the whole taskbar?  Do you mean only 
> the part that
> relates to the command shell window?  You also mention a "cygwin
> terminal window".  What is that?  rxvt?  The result of clicking on a
> cygwin icon?
> >I have checked the FAQ, the Users Guide, google, the 
> archives -- but I can't
> >find a reference to this.
> >
> >In the simplest case I have found, /bin/ls -lF / causes my 
> taskbar to flash.
> >My root dir contains a number of symlinks of the form: d -> 
> /=/d where /= is
> >my cygdrive prefix.
> >
> >Can anyone explain this or duplicate it?  Other 
> more-complicated cases cause
> >even worse flashing.  I just reloaded cygwin from scratch 
> yesterday -- I
> >didn't have this problem with my prior version (circa 12/13/00).
> cgf
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