two problems with cygwin's zip

Fred T. Hamster
Tue Jun 26 16:16:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:

>Have you tried
>$ ps -W
>? That certainly shows all the win32 process's. I'm not sure how you are
>concluding that cygwin1.dll has a 'cell wall' when you haven't actually
>looked at what cygwin1.dll is capable of!
argh!  i did look at the functions of ps at the time, but i somehow 
managed to miss this.  i don't see a man page for 'ps' in my current 
cygwin setup, but i do know about the -? parameter.  and that clearly 
mentions the -W parameter.  drat, and ruination.  i take back the 
imagined process barrier comment.  i can only offer the remote 
possibility that the option wasn't auto-documented at the time, but then 
again, perhaps i couldn't read that day.

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