XFCE 3.8.3 for cygwin

Adam Stallard adam@aspen.mine.nu
Tue Jun 26 13:15:00 GMT 2001

I recently built xfce 3.8.3 under cygwin, with Glib 1.3.1 , Gtk+ 1.2.10
and imlib 1.9.10

I get some problems when I run it..  here is some of the output:

xfwm message (type SessionInit):  X Session Manager not available
Using builtin session management instead

GLib-WARNING **: g_dirname is deprecated. Use g_path_get_dirname

GLib-WARNING **: g_scanner_freeze_symbol_table and
g_scanner_thaw_symbol_table are deprecated.

Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate loadable module in module_path:

Invalid Parameter - /local
gdk_imlib ERROR: Cannot load image: /usr/local/share/xfce/XFce3.logo
All fallbacks failed.

I get these errors over and over, and consequently, hardly any of the
graphics show up.  Also, the xfce toolbar (which is what the xfce module
is) crashes very quickly.  I find it strange that it is looking for
"libxfce.so" when the Makefile created libxfce.la in the
/usr/local/lib/gtk/themes/engines/ directory instead.

Those images ARE there in the location it says, and the xpm library
seemed to have gotten used successfully, so I wonder if it has something
to do with the "Invalid Parameter: /local"

I did some scouting around in the c source files to try to find when
these error messages are generated, but I couldn't find them right away.

If someone has some experience with this, any help would be greatly


Adam Stallard

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