Götz Borkowski
Tue Jun 26 12:58:00 GMT 2001

first, thanks for the tip. After upgrading I found
the lib docu to be approx. the same as I got before.
In addition, I found a lot more docu to be missing.

Is there anyone who really knows what the current
documenting state is, and where to get the docu existing so far?

It's fairly hard to believe that e.g. a lot of apparently
useful libs (such as libregex) are distributed without 
ANY docu, making them useless therefore.
So I conclude that at least part of it exists -- somewhere...

Well, I know that I can retrieve part of this docu from my Linux
System but 
1) not everyone has Linux,
2) Switching the OS just to read a docu is a fairly tough thing...

Greetings Goetz schrieb:
> Am 18 Jun 2001, um 11:03 hat Götz Borkowski geschrieben:
> Hallo Goetz,
> > I've Cygwin 1.1.4 from Nov 2000, together with
> > mewlib-man-2000 ; same date.
> Time to upgrade.
> > I found the libc docu (man and info files) to be incomplete.
> > For instance, there is no docu for
> > opendir(),
> > readdir() and
> > closedir().
> >
> > Is there more complete docu so far?
> > If so, where to get it?
> The newlib manual in cygwin dates to 2000-11-18:
> newlib-man-20001118.tar.gz
> It is at the cygwin-mirrors in the cygwin directory.
> Maybe you find some more at redhat's project page:
> gph
> -- =^..^=

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