I found where to download NT Resource Kit

Clark Sims csims@templartrading.com
Tue Jun 26 12:44:00 GMT 2001

>Anyway, the cygwin 'kill' command can be used to kill native windows
>processes.  Also, the cygrunsrv program can be used to replace both
>instsrv and srvany -- and better yet, cygrunsrv groks cygwin, so it
>works better than srvany when used with cygwin daemons.  Like sshd.

What does groks mean?

What does "works better, mean"? I thought either the daeom worked or it did
not,  ie. works is a bolean as opposed to continuous.

What are the commands, using cygrunsrv, to replace the NT Reskit commands:

instsrv.exe SecureShellDaemon
srvany.exe -a mypc\root -p root

(mypc is the computers name on the network)

Thanks in Advance,


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