How to extract suffix from a filename?

Randall R Schulz
Tue Jun 26 12:43:00 GMT 2001


That's a lot of overhead for what could be done entirely within a single shell:

On top of the shell that's interpreting these command lines, there is:

1 fork/exec for the sub-shell interpreting the backquote expression
1 fork/exec for basename
1 fork/exec for sed
1 pipe creation

Personally, I much prefer the shell-only approach I explained.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 12:02 2001-06-26, Glen Coakley wrote:

>This breaks on extensions that are not three characters, such as ".html".
>(Note: This includes the period.) The following will work for any length
>     ext=`basename $filepath | sed -e 's/\(.*\\.).*/\1/g'`
>If you don't want the period:
>     ext=`basename $filepath | sed -e 's/\(.*\)\..*/\1/g'`
>Glen Coakley

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