Install instructions for sshd /sshd1 /sshd

Clark Sims
Tue Jun 26 12:34:00 GMT 2001

I purchased the book "SSH The Secure SHell, The Definitive Guide", because
it devoted 2 chapters to ssh on NT. They recommend Sergy Okhapkins port of
sshd, scp1 and sch1, because ""Most ports that we've seen are unfinished, no
longer in development, or distributed without source code. .... Okhapkin's
software works fine, but the installation is difficult"

They then go on to give detailed instructions on how to install ssh1 and
sshd. Unfortunately, the instructions for installing sshd are incorrect.
They say to copy sshd.exe to a directory in the path. However sshd, in the
tar file, that they recommend to download, does not exist. There is a sshd,
which is a simlink to shdd1.exe. They say to run keygen as follows:

ssh-keygen1 -f /etc/ssh_host_key -N " " -C " "

I then modify /etc/sshd_config to:

HostKey            /etc/ssh_host_key
PidFile              /etc/
RandomSeed  /etc/ssh_random_seed

I then change /usr/local/sbin and run sshd1.exe as follows

./sshd1.exe -d

I get the following :

debug: sshd version 1.2.26 [i586-pc-cygwin32]
Could not load host key: /etc/ssh_host_key
fatal: Please check that you have sufficient permissions and the file

But the file exists and I have permisions. Infact, the current user owns the
file, and can edit it with a hex editor, or delete it for that mater.

On anther machine I have done a fresh install of the cygnus software.
I generate the key as follows:

ssh-keygen -f /etc/ssh_host_key -N " " -C " "

I have left /etc/sshd_config, unchanged from the download

I then change to /usr/sbin and run sshd.exe as follows:

./sshd.exe -d

I get the following messages:
debug1: Seeding random number generator
debug1: sshd version OpenSSH_2.9p1
Could not load host key: /etc/ssh_host_key
Could not load host key: /etc/ssh_host_rsa_key
Could not load host key: /etc/ssh_host_dsa_key
Disabling protocol version 1. Could not load host key
Disabling protocol version 2. Could not load host key
sshd: no hostkeys available -- exiting.

I have studied the error messages in the archives, and have checked that my
drives are mounted as binary. The command mount, produces:

e:\root\bin on /usr/bin type system (binmode)
e:\root\lib on /usr/lib type system (binmode)
e:\root on / type system (binmode)
c: on /cygdrive/c type user (binmode,noumount)
d: on /cygdrive/d type user (binmode,noumount)
e: on /cygdrive/e type user (binmode,noumount)
g: on /cygdrive/g type user (binmode,noumount)
h: on /cygdrive/h type user (binmode,noumount)
i: on /cygdrive/i type user (binmode,noumount)
m: on /cygdrive/m type user (binmode,noumount)
o: on /cygdrive/o type user (binmode,noumount)
p: on /cygdrive/p type user (binmode,noumount)
q: on /cygdrive/q type user (binmode,noumount)
r: on /cygdrive/r type user (binmode,noumount)
s: on /cygdrive/s type user (binmode,noumount)
t: on /cygdrive/t type user (binmode,noumount)
x: on /cygdrive/x type user (binmode,noumount)
y: on /cygdrive/y type user (binmode,noumount)
z: on /cygdrive/z type user (binmode,noumount)

The only thing that is unusual, is that e:\root has been mounted as / ,
rather than c:\,  but I don't think this should matter should it?

I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in Advance,

Clark Sims

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