two problems with cygwin's zip

John Wiersba
Tue Jun 26 11:10:00 GMT 2001

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> Subject: Re: two problems with cygwin's zip
>   the first problem (of seeing absolute paths in zips) occurs 
> when using 
> forward slashes as well.  it's an absolute path issue rather than a 
> slash-handedness issue.  thus, this is still a bug relevant 
> to cygwin's 
> zip, even if we must discount slash issues in paths.  but i don't 
> suggest that we abandon those issues...

My version of zip seems to remove leading / in the archive?  Yours doesn't?

$ /usr/bin/zip ./ /bin/ls.exe
  adding: bin/ls.exe (deflated 53%)               <= note: no leading /

>   it seems pretty disturbing to me that a unix emulation environment 
> running under ms-windows would have many problems parsing 
> ms-dos paths. 

I agree with the previous responses about this.  Cygwin's job is not to port
every tool to handle Windows pathnames natively, but to allow unix tools to
function in a unix-like way under Windows.

What about using cygpath to convert the paths before passing them to zip?

-- John Wiersba

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