Sergy Okhapkin's scp1 and ssh take 3 minutes to initialize

Clark Sims
Tue Jun 26 10:55:00 GMT 2001

>Why aren't you using the ssh that comes with the cygwin distribution?

I had problems getting scp to work ( I must admit I am a newbie, and maybe I
just screwed up the command line)
I don't have documentation on how to install sshd as a service, for cygwin.

Once I get something stable and working (even if it is slow), I can setup
another machine to use the cygwin ssh/scp/sshd. This way I can compare them.

Installing sshd as a service scares the wits out of me. I have spent weeks
in the past trying to do this, to no avail. I am glad that Barrett &
Silverman gave such a detailed account in their book , "SSH THe Secure SHell
The Definitive Guide".

Best Regards,


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