Sergy Okhapkin's scp1 and ssh take 3 minutes to initialize

Clark Sims
Tue Jun 26 10:10:00 GMT 2001

Hello all,
I am useing the latest version of cygwin. I downloaded it a week ago. I just
downloaded Sergy Okhapkin's ssh1 and scp1, and both seem to work. However
there is a 3 minute pause, between the time that I type the ssh1 or scp1
command, and the time when the server prompts me for passwords and
passphrases. Is this normal? Is there a way to improve speed? I checked the
archives, and some people reported simular problems. The post also state
that Sergy is working on a fix. Does anybody know if the fix is availble?

The book "SSH The Secure Shell, The Definitive Guide", goes through a
detailed installation of Sergy's ssh1, scp1 and sshd. It does not mention
any problems with long pauses. I have to wonder if maybe there is some suble
configuration problem. Has anybody else on this list, installed Sergy's
ssh1, scp1 and gotten them to work quickly?

Thanks in Advance,

Clark Sims

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