pthreads works, sorta

Robert Collins
Tue Jun 26 01:41:00 GMT 2001

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> Robert Collins wrote:
> > >
> > > My (heavily threaded) application runs approximately 100x
> > > slower than under linux and proceeds to the point where the
> > > program thrashes because it is calling pthreads functions
> > > faster than the pthreads implementation can deliver (we're
> > > talking _mutex_lock/unlock and _cond_wait/signal here).
> >
> > Condition variables we can't do much about here, other than trying
> > get down to the metal and rewrite em without OS support. I'm not
keen to
> > try that, for what I hope are obvious reasons.
> True.

I've just reviewed my reading, and it doesn't look as though critical
sections are going to be _much_ faster.

--> Greg, do you know that your issue is thread syncronisation
performance, or performance of I/O or other posix calls in between ? You
program shouldn't crash unless it manages to deadlock or trigger a
race... certainly the pthread calls cannot happen except when your
threads are active and have got cpu :].

How many concurrent threads and mutexs and cond variables are we talking


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