FreeType lib, Cygwin/X11 project, users loose?

Soren Andersen
Mon Jun 25 20:48:00 GMT 2001


I started to add this as a postscript to my earlier reply regarding bdb,
then decided not to overload that message.

Some time ago I found out that:
 AFAIK, libttf/FreeType _v1_ is *not* being made available by the cygwin/X11
contingent. I have read some archived 'exchanges' concerning that ... but
what's in Cyg/X11 now is Freetype **v2**, not v1 -- as many people may know,
they changed the API significantly and some applications want only v1
(haven't been rewritten to the FreeType2). IMO, again, you need not have /
should not have pulled FreeType v1 from the downloads on your site. I
dislike seeing sincere and hard-working volunteers like yourself dissed and
discouraged in your efforts based on some other people's egotism and /or
sense of territoriality or bureaucratic rigidity.

Soren Andersen

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