Blunt Tools (was: cgf does not want private email about cygwin)

Christopher Faylor
Mon Jun 25 17:28:00 GMT 2001

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 06:39:33PM -0400, Ken Collins wrote:
>> >I would probably have less of a gripe with the Google search approach if
>> >urlview didn't SEGV on me.
>> I hope you don't think that I'm curt to suggest that you should update your
>> tools.  Expecting anyone to accommodate the fact that you can't do something
>> as basic as a google search is really not reasonable, is it?
>It was a problem with cygwin that's fixed with the snapshot dlls. When I
>used this combination of tools:
>Win2k SP2
>mutt 1.2.5i-2
>with the standard cygwin.dll I got a SEGV when I tried to ^B into urlview,
>not unlike invoking vim from mutt.
>I downloaded the Jun 19 snapshot of the cygwin1.dll last week, and that
>fixed the mutt/vim combination. I just tried urlview, and it now works.

Ok.  Good to know that snapshots are fixing problems.  I guess it is time
for a new release soon.


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