Symlinks+cygdrive causes flashing taskbar ??

John Wiersba
Mon Jun 25 15:49:00 GMT 2001

BTW, since I haven't received even a single reply (curt or otherwise) to the
post referenced at the bottom of this email, this might qualify as one of
those "non-answers" being discussed in the Blunt Tools thread...

I have checked the FAQ, the Users Guide, google, the archives -- but I can't
find a reference to this.

In the simplest case I have found, /bin/ls -lF / causes my taskbar to flash.
My root dir contains a number of symlinks of the form: d -> /=/d where /= is
my cygdrive prefix.

Can anyone explain this or duplicate it?  Other more-complicated cases cause
even worse flashing.  I just reloaded cygwin from scratch yesterday -- I
didn't have this problem with my prior version (circa 12/13/00).


-- John Wiersba

cygcheck -s:

Cygnus Win95/NT Configuration Diagnostics
Current System Time: Mon Jun 25 18:38:53 2001

WinNT Ver 4.0 build 1381 Service Pack 6

Path:	/usr/local/bin

SysDir: C:\WINNT\System32
WinDir: C:\WINNT

PWD = `/home/jrw'
USER = `jrw'
MAKE_MODE = `unix'
HOME = `/home/jrw'

Use `-r' to scan registry

a:  fd  FAT        1Mb  40% CP    UN           
c:  hd  FAT     2044Mb  60% CP    UN           WINDOWS NT
d:  hd  NTFS   17046Mb  23% CP CS UN PA FC     Data
e:  cd           N/A    N/A                    
f:  fd           N/A    N/A                    
g:  net NWFS     900Mb  50% CP          FC     SYS
h:  net NWFS   29281Mb  53% CP          FC     MEDSTAT
j:  net NTFS   22001Mb  95% CP CS UN PA FC     
m:  net NWFS   29281Mb  53% CP          FC     MEDSTAT
n:  net NWFS   39065Mb  91% CP          FC     MEDSTATN
o:  net NWFS   208364Mb  15% CP          FC     MEDSTAT
r:  net NTFS    2055Mb   5% CP CS UN PA FC     
s:  net NWFS   208364Mb  18% CP          FC     MEDSTATS
t:  net NWFS   39065Mb  91% CP          FC     MEDSTATN
x:  net NWFS     900Mb  50% CP          FC     SYS
y:  net NWFS     900Mb  50% CP          FC     SYS

d:\cygwin\bin  /usr/bin  system  binmode
d:\cygwin\lib  /usr/lib  system  binmode
d:\cygwin  /        system  binmode
c:    /=/c     user    binmode,noumount
d:    /=/d     user    binmode,noumount
g:    /=/g     user    binmode,noumount
h:    /=/h     user    binmode,noumount
j:    /=/j     user    binmode,noumount
m:    /=/m     user    binmode,noumount
n:    /=/n     user    binmode,noumount
o:    /=/o     user    binmode,noumount
r:    /=/r     user    binmode,noumount
s:    /=/s     user    binmode,noumount
t:    /=/t     user    binmode,noumount
x:    /=/x     user    binmode,noumount
y:    /=/y     user    binmode,noumount

Found: d:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\cat.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\cpp.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\find.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\gcc.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\gdb.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\ld.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\ls.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\make.exe
Found: d:\opt\mks\mksnt\make.exe
Found: d:\cygwin\bin\sh.exe

   56k 2000/12/03 d:\cygwin\bin\cygbz21.0.dll
   45k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygform5.dll
   18k 2000/10/23 d:\cygwin\bin\cyggdbm.dll
   17k 2001/01/07 d:\cygwin\bin\cyghistory4.dll
   14k 2000/10/23 d:\cygwin\bin\cygintl.dll
   81k 2000/12/05 d:\cygwin\bin\cygitcl30.dll
   35k 2000/12/05 d:\cygwin\bin\cygitk30.dll
   45k 2000/10/22 d:\cygwin\bin\cygjbig1.dll
  119k 2001/06/06 d:\cygwin\bin\cygjpeg6b.dll
   26k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygmenu5.dll
  156k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygncurses++5.dll
  226k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygncurses5.dll
   15k 2001/04/25 d:\cygwin\bin\cygpanel5.dll
  163k 2001/05/06 d:\cygwin\bin\cygpng2.dll
  108k 2001/01/07 d:\cygwin\bin\cygreadline4.dll
  390k 2000/12/05 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtcl80.dll
    5k 2000/12/05 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtclpip80.dll
   10k 2000/12/05 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtclreg80.dll
  245k 2001/06/12 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtiff3.dll
  623k 2000/12/05 d:\cygwin\bin\cygtk80.dll
   41k 2001/05/28 d:\cygwin\bin\cygXpm-noX4.dll
   49k 2001/02/03 d:\cygwin\bin\cygz.dll
  678k 2001/05/21 d:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll
    Cygwin DLL version info:
        dll major: 1003
        dll minor: 2
        dll epoch: 19
        dll bad signal mask: 19005
        dll old termios: 5
        dll malloc env: 28
        api major: 0
        api minor: 39
        shared data: 3
        dll identifier: cygwin1
        mount registry: 2
        cygnus registry name: Cygnus Solutions
        cygwin registry name: Cygwin
        program options name: Program Options
        cygwin mount registry name: mounts v2
        cygdrive flags: cygdrive flags
        cygdrive prefix: cygdrive prefix
        cygdrive default prefix: 
        build date: Sun May 20 23:28:17 EDT 2001
        shared id: cygwin1S3

Use -h to see help about each section

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	John Wiersba 
> Sent:	Sunday, June 24, 2001 6:30 PM
> To:	'cygwin'
> Subject:	flashing taskbar
> I just reinstalled cygwin from the ground up and I notice that now the
> taskbar flashes everytime I run any program in a cygwin terminal window.
> It didn't do this in the previous version I had (circa 12/13/00).  Any
> ideas on what's causing it or how to stop it?  I'm running on WinNT
> Thanks!
> -- John Wiersba

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