cp error -- oh the great sanity of *nix tools?!?

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Mon Jun 25 14:41:00 GMT 2001

At 04:22 PM 6/25/2001, Soren Andersen wrote:
>The Estimable Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) <lhall@rfk.com>
>wrote: Re: cp error -- oh the great sanity of *nix tools?!?
> > At 03:29 PM 6/25/2001, Soren Andersen wrote:
> > >It IS still  `cp' s fault, too. The message is cp's utterly unhelpful and
> > >misleading way of telling me that the source files named as command
> > >parameters don't exist -- and what the heck is THAT? That's a bona-fide
> > >if ever I was bitten by one. I am really astonished at this, in GNU
> > >software.
> > Would this be the same bug in cp that Chris Faylor announced a fix for
> > week?
>I sure hope so! That would be great news all the way around. IOW, Chris is
>as usual doing great, relevent work that benefits many people, and maybe
>people won't be bitten by this bug in the future.
>Now, if only I could get someone brilliant from this list to *come over
>here* and fix my NT that cannot (as of one moment 3.8 months ago) use its
>modem, so that I am not any more using MS OE to (try to painfully) read
>Cygwin list digests on my once-intended-to-be-a-mere-stopgap Windows98 sys,
>which cannot read the format of these digests correctly, and the
>OE-to-Pegasus convertor(s) I have downloaded don't work reliably, and no I
>am NOT going to set up yet ANOTHER email client (THIS MADNESS MUST STOP
>*NOW*) and so, BTW, good Mr Hall, SOMETIMES THERE ARE F$*\@!;%  REAL GOOD
>REASONS why not everyone sees every recent message. I am working my butt off
>to try to solve my issues, and still at the same time keep up with Cygwin
>porting endeavors. Thanks.

Sounds like you're having some real annoying problems on your end.  That's
too bad.  Just so you know, I wasn't implying that you didn't have a good
reason for missing any previous post and I certainly never comment on one
person's choice of email client.  I was just trying to clarify 
whether you knew of the issue that Chris fixed and whether or not yours
was the same.  If that offended you, I'm sorry.  

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