Blunt Tools (was: cgf does not want private email about cygwin)

Ken Collins
Mon Jun 25 13:54:00 GMT 2001

> If you think that this is a good idea can I sign you up to manage this?
> Seriously.  I am happy to provide you with access to the web page so
> that you can maintain a list of known bugs.  I would expect that you
> would be very proactive in keeping this list up to date so as not to
> feed misinformation to the community.  You'll have to be in close
> contact with all of the package maintainers so that you can get accurate
> descriptions of bugs and bug work arounds.

I'm game. Provide me a space for an HTML file. I'll read the list and try
to keep it up to date with bugs and any possible workarounds.

> I've just searched the Cygwin archives for rude responses to cron
> questions.  I didn't see any.  So, I just don't buy the "I didn't even
> bother" response.  Even if there was a list of bugs, how could you be
> assured that it wasn't being updated as you were sending your message?
> Then, I suppose the response would be "Did you even bother to check the
> bug page????"

My fear was of the unknown, the message that might be.  It wasn't that I
didn't bother. I spent an afternoon debugging the problem, but I didn't
feel comfortable discussing it without knowing that it wasn't somehow
something stupid I overlooked. I came forward with the Mutt/Vim problem
readily, since I knew it worked previously.

As for the bug page, let me get it up before I start dealing with
synchronization and locking issues.

> If you think it is important that the tone be different, then ignore
> everyone else and use the tone that you think is appropriate.  If you
> think that new users deserve long detailed explanations to questions,
> then feel free to provide them.  If someone flames you for providing
> details then forward me their message and I'll deal with that.  I won't
> guarantee that I'll read every one of your detailed missives, though.
> Hopefully, I won't need to.

Fair enough.

Ken Collins

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