crontabs in /tmp/.. ?!

Michael Schaap
Mon Jun 25 13:13:00 GMT 2001

At 16:40 25-6-2001, Leonid Rokhinson wrote:
>I've installed the latest cron and found that it creates crontab files in
>/tmp/crontab.xxxx? I would expect to find it in /etc/var/cron/tabs/ or
>somewhere there.  Is it possible to change or the program is compiled
>with incorrect build-in path?

No, crontab certainly doesn't put crontab files in /tmp.
But if you do "crontab -e", it will put a copy of your crontab file in /tmp 
and allow you to edit this.  After editing, it will put the crontab back in 
/var/cron/tabs.  Then, if you do "crontab -l", it will list the source of 
the crontab as "/tmp/whatever".

If this doesn't work for you, then perhaps there is a permissions 
problem.  On a UNIX system, crontab is setuid'd to root, so can do whatever 
it wants.  On Windows, this doesn't work, obviously.
On my system, /var/cron and /var/cron/tabs have pretty loose permissions, 
perhaps this is different on yours.  Try:
         mkdir -p /var/cron/tabs
         chmod a+rwx /var/cron
         chmod a+rwx /var/cron/tabs

  - Michael

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