-mno-cygwin gcc option

Robinow, David drobinow@dayton.adroit.com
Mon Jun 25 13:04:00 GMT 2001

> From: Matt.Stephenson@us.datex-ohmeda.com
> i'm trying to build a simple c++ command-line app using g++ under the
> Cygwin environment.  this will remain a native win32 app so i 
> would like to link directly with Microsoft DLLs, rather than Cygwin.
 Hee hee. I've heard this before.
> i ran across a FAQ entry that indicated that you could simply 
> pass gcc the "-mno-cygwin" option and it would do just that. 
> however, when i tried that it spit out compiler errors for my
> std c++ #include lines.  it complained that it could no longer
> find <string> or <iostream> header files, indicating that the
> include paths changed and are probably not complete.
> perhaps it is no longer using some standard list of include 
> directories?
 "gcc" is used to invoke the C compiler.
 "g++" is used to invoke the C++ compiler.

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