Blunt Tools (was: cgf does not want private email about cygwin)

Glen Coakley
Mon Jun 25 13:01:00 GMT 2001

> -----Original Message-----
> >Someone was asking about examples, so here's one. A few days ago, the
> >Debian guy wrote about "porting" Debian to Cygwin and gets a 
> one-liner back
> >suggesting he knows nothing about either Debian or Cygwin. He's got a
> >Debian email address, and even to someone like myself, who 
> has never used
> >Debian, it's obvious that's he's just been imprecise in his 
> phrasing. What
> >Debian really brings to the table is its packaging system, and he's
> >probably talking about that. 
> Actually, if this is the "Cygwin + Debian" mail, then the 
> original poster
> did not have a address.

The Reply-To address was but the From address was 
Inprecision abounds. It is very easy to do when reading and typing quickly. 

Since I am already commenting on this thread. Tone is very difficult (some
would say impossible) to judge from an email message. Try not to take it
personally until you have clarified that was the sender's intention. 

Constructive critisism, suggestions and pitching in are all good & welcome.
Attachs are not productive.

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