-mno-cygwin gcc option

Matt.Stephenson@us.datex-ohmeda.com Matt.Stephenson@us.datex-ohmeda.com
Mon Jun 25 12:20:00 GMT 2001

i'm trying to build a simple c++ command-line app using g++ under the
Cygwin environment.  this will remain a native win32 app so i would like to
link directly with Microsoft DLLs, rather than Cygwin.

i ran across a FAQ entry that indicated that you could simply pass gcc the
"-mno-cygwin" option and it would do just that.  however, when i tried that
it spit out compiler errors for my std c++ #include lines.  it complained
that it could no longer find <string> or <iostream> header files,
indicating that the include paths changed and are probably not complete.
perhaps it is no longer using some standard list of include directories?

can anyone tell me more about what this option is doing?  how can i simply
use gcc with Cygwin but not build an executable that requires the Cygwin



Matt Stephenson

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