Building "real" Windows Aps

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Mon Jun 25 10:22:00 GMT 2001

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Just off the top of my head, and way outside my own capacity to implement; 
but, would it be feasible to create some sort of "wrapper" program that 
would provide the WinMain and like entry points to a cygwin ap such as 
RXVT?  Maybe it would need to be a spec to GCC, but I would think just a 
generic WinMain object that would call __main (or whatever the external 
name of the ap's entry) and be linked into the executable to make it a 
Windows ap.

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    You're actually talking about a major re-write.  WinMain itself 
doesn't do anything that main() does in a cmd-line pgm.  It's the internal 
message-processing event loops that translate text to GUI APIs.  A non-trivial 

    Actually, what's needed is work on the existing console I/O code.  
Terminal emulators can be a bitch to debug, esp when only *certain* apps 
don't work w/ it under *certain* conditions.  I encountered a minor one 
w/ fresh BASH windows, that I've learned to work-around til I (or anyone) 
can take a look at the code....Jet

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