cgf does not want private email about cygwin

Robert Collins
Mon Jun 25 09:57:00 GMT 2001

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From: "Christopher Faylor" <>

> On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 08:50:42AM -0600, C. Porter Bassett wrote:
> >I am not condoning this, but I can understand at least one reason for
> >wanting to post to the list.  I myself have been tempted (although I
> >not done it) to email directly somebody instead of the list because
of the
> >rude responses that some people get when they ask a question.
> For example?  I don't see much rudeness.  In fact, I see the opposite.
> I actually think that the jump to answer every single question with
> helpful suggestions has encouraged many posters here to use this list
> as an alternative to actually thinking about problems.
> The cygwin mailing list wouldn't have the traffic that it enjoys if
> people saw was rude responses.  Or, actually, it would but you'd see
> much more evidence of flame wars here.
> So, sorry, but this theory does not hold much weight with me.
> However, if you know that someone prefers that messages be sent to the
> mailing list and you STILL send personal email, then where does the
> rudeness lie?

To achieve the awareness that you prefer not to recieve personal mail,
you may like to load your "anti-announce" </humour> with common search
terms (if that's doable).

Otherwise, the following scenario may be all to common...
search->"licence"->oh, Chris Faylor is manager, I'll write him and ask
because he'll know.


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