setting thread prioirty

Brian Michael Genisio
Mon Jun 25 09:31:00 GMT 2001

I was wondering if it is possible in cygwin for a thread to have a different
priority than it's parent.  That is, If I call a program with nice, such as :
nice -n -20 <command>
And the program spawns a thread... I want the thread to run at Normal priortiy,
and the main thread to remain at high prioirity.

I have tried setting the attribute to priority 0 with the
pthread_attr_setschedparam.  Unfortunately, this does not work for me.  The two
threads compete for processor, slowing down the entire system.

Before I was using threads, I had the two threads as separate programs, and I
could set each program to the level I chose... but IPC communication was slow,
or didnt work well enough for me.  So, I put them in the same thread, and now
they act as if I put the separate programs in high priority.

Any Ideas?

      \\|//   Brian Genisio
      (o o)

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