crontabs in /tmp/.. ?!

Leonid Rokhinson leonid@EE.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jun 25 08:47:00 GMT 2001

Is that's the right one? (I'm not familiar with C, sorry)

$ grep "/tmp/" *
crontab.c:      (void) snprintf(Filename, MAX_FNAME, "/tmp/crontab.%d", Pid);


On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 10:40:22AM -0400, Leonid Rokhinson wrote:
>I've installed the latest cron and found that it creates crontab files in
>/tmp/crontab.xxxx? I would expect to find it in /etc/var/cron/tabs/ or
>somewhere there.  Is it possible to change or the program is compiled
>with incorrect build-in path?

Why don't you check the sources and find out?


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