Query about mlock

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Mon Jun 25 08:07:00 GMT 2001

At 09:25 AM 6/25/2001, Zou Min wrote:
>Dear all,
>May I know whether mlock() or mlockall() have been implemented in latest
>Or, are any other way to do the same thing in Windows, as I am not very
>sure about Win32 API? Thanks a lot!
>Zou Min 

First, just a quick pointer to the FAQ and netiquette:

Posting Guidelines (Or: Why won't you/the mailing list answer my questions?)

OK, now that business is out of the way, my suggestion to you is to take a
look at the source to find the answer you're looking for.  Starting at
www.cygwin.com is the best way to kick things off here.  Once you have
the source, you can grep through it and find the answer to this and other
questions quite easily!

Have fun!

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