RXVT: Launching the root window/login shell

Charles S. Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Sun Jun 24 14:06:00 GMT 2001

Ummm...guys.  Did anybody bother to read /usr/doc/Cygwin/rxvt-*.README ? 
  Or search the recent archives concerning rxvt?

Steve O. originally ported rxvt to native windows.  Also, there was an 
existing port of libXpm (which rxvt optionally uses) to Windows.  This 
Xpm port used a "fake" X11 library that (a) worked with the native 
Windows windowing environment (no Xserver required), and (b) provided 
--just enough-- of the Xlib calls to satisfy libXpm.  Steve's initial 
port of rxvt did NOT use libXpm at all (he eliminated all dependency on X).

Okay, so then Steve got clever.  He used the Windows libXpm port's fake 
"X" lib, rewrote parts of it as a wrapper, built his own libXpm that 
used his new "W" lib, and then built a new rxvt that used his new libXpm 
and "W" libs.  When he put all this together, he got an rxvt that
   (a) could run on Native Windows without needing an Xserver
   (b) could also run in "X" mode with an Xserver if desired
This magic was performed by the "W" lib (remember, "W" is Steve's 
modified version of the fake Xlib that came with libXpm).  Depending on 
the value of the DISPLAY variable, "W" uses the fake Xlib calls (and 
thus runs in "native" mode, or "W" uses *real* Xlib calls (and thus runs 
in "X" mode and requires an Xserver.

I probably got a few details wrong, but that's the basic idea.  For more 
infom: use the source, luke.


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