Small Patch for setup.exe

David A. Cobb
Sun Jun 24 14:00:00 GMT 2001

At 6/24/01 03:27 AM (Sunday), Tak Ota wrote:
>Thanks Robert,
>But I am still empty-handed.
>On Sun, 24 Jun 2001 17:11:58 +1000, "Robert Collins" 
><> wrote:
> > > Where do I find the source of setup.exe?
> > >
> > > -Tak
> > >
> >
> > See the contributing link on the cygwin home page,
>I wish you could have noted the URL.  I have been searching without
>a success yet.
> > or look in the mailing list archives - this question was last asked
> > about 4 days ago!
>I wish again that this mailing list prepends a serial number to each
>posted message subject so that people can refer to a message without a

Of course, that would break any "threading" your mail-client tried to 
do.  Most of us might find that even more confusing.

This is OT, I know, but the Archival system /does/ assign a "msg####" 
tag.  I suspect that this takes place /after/ the message has already been 
distributed; but, If the mailman could be smart about capturing it, the 
correct headers IMNSHO are:

"Resent-Message-ID: yadda-yadda-YADDA.msg####"

OBTW: Speaking of mail headers; everyone should make sure when they reply 
that the list is among the addressees.  I've been bit several times lately 
-- I wind up in a private conversation when the public forum could be much 
more profitable.

>and you could have led me directly to that message.

Most of us only vaguely recall that there was such a message - we don't 
know the number until we actually do the search ourselves that you could be 

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