David A. Cobb
Sun Jun 24 13:49:00 GMT 2001

Ah, back to some M$ bashing -- hey, it's /fun/!  And it's a weekend, not 
time for real thinking.

At 6/23/01 05:31 PM (Saturday), Robert McNulty Junior wrote:
>I just read this in a dictionary of what viral is:
>viral (vi/rel) adj. of, or pertianing to, caused by, or of the nature of a
>In that case, VISAUL BASIC SCRIPT is the viral software.
>Visual C++ can be used to create virii too.
>So, you see, can Cygwin Tools, if placed in the hands of people who don't
>care about programming for good, but programming for evil. Hackers world
>wide, crackers who use the tools to break codes etc.
>I can barely get the binutils going, I can't even hack into my own bmj2002
>account, and I hate virii.
>The tools that are used to create virii have been MS tools like Visual C++.
>After all, if you have this tool, which give you direct controls of Windows,
>you can write
>virii. With Visaul C++, I can come up with code quicker and faster. It gives
>me a ahead start by creating basic building blocks. I can choose to support
>many windows and menus. I can do anything I want it Visual C++.
>Microsoft needs to put tighter control on its own tools.
>Most of the hackers and crackers today use the Visual Tools. MS makes it
>easy to get these tools.

The theory [other than do whatever-it-takes to eliminate any perceived 
threat] is that "hackers can see the source of the tool so they will know 
how to hack it."  Of course, a certain email client that is the exact 
opposite of OPEN is _the_ all-time favorite hacker target.  We all know the 
true status - that vulnerabilities get fixed much faster when there are 
many thousands of damn bright people who can check the sources.  But facts, 
in a case like this, are irrelevant!

>On the hand, Red hat sells Linux. Fine. What people fail to realize is that
>Red Hat Linux (Or Mandrake Linux) can be use in conjnction with Windows on
>the same operating system.
>There is a program called "Linux for Windows" that allows Linux to take
>advantage of resources under a Windows based machine. In fact, I'm going to
>put it on my Windows based machine just as soon as I get done here.

Personally, I'd rather build the foundation on either Linux or 
GNU/HURD.  Then, I guess, WINE.  You need to trust your foundation.

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