RXVT: Launching the root window/login shell

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At 6/23/01 05:21 PM (Saturday), Max Bowsher wrote:

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Totally different X, of course.  It's all the rage this year!  EVERYTHING 
"in" has to begin with "X".

> > I don't have any W11 library [last time I looked], I do have an /usr/X11R6
> > library, is that what you meant?
>W11 is included with the rxvt package from cygwin. This is why I say:

Ah.  I searched and I definitely don't have any W11 anything - only 
/bin/libW11.dll.  But I didn't download rxvt source.  Maybe I'll do so now 
and try to build a version as a "purely Windows" program.

> > >The X stuff seems to be necessary, although it is a bit silly that it is
> > >needed.
>Since the necessary library is included, why REQUIRE a command line option 
>to specify its location? Weird.
>It is, of course, entirely possible that your existing /usr/X11R6 could do 
>the job - but since W11 comes with rxvt, it might be
>tempting fate to try and use something else!

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