linking with errno

Malcolm Dew-Jones
Sat Jun 23 22:36:00 GMT 2001

I get the following error message when trying to link some files using gcc

comd.o(.text+0x1abf):comd.c: undefined reference to `errno'

What cygwin thing must I install, and what file/library must I include on
the gcc command line to access this variable?

Some command lines that may be relevent are shown next...

example compile:
	gcc -O -DUNIX -DTERMCAP -DLINUX -DANSIC   -c -o sedt.o sedt.c
(Various files all compile with no apparent problem)

	gcc -O -DUNIX -DTERMCAP -DLINUX -DANSIC sedt.o edit.o (...etc...)
		-ltermcap  -o sedt

I tried adding various library files (e.g. -lcygwin) but I haven't figured
out which one is the one I need to link with to get errno, or perhaps
something entirely different is what I need to do (?) . 

Thanks for any assistance...


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